Achilles Bone Spur Removal

Bone spurs and Achilles insertional pain on the back of the heel are common sources of pain. They are often treated conservatively with orthotics and therapy. However, in certain cases of chronic pain, more involved treatments may be necessary. Our Institute is recognized as a leading organization in such cases. Through a combination of conservative and surgical options, our results with bone spur Achilles pain cases has been astounding. What is essential to remember is that the spur is only a small portion of the problem. In many cases, the Achilles tendon has damage and may even have a small tear or scar tissue in the region of the bone spur that is the source of the pain. If the inflammation and Achilles damage is cared for, many cases will resolve. If pain involves the spur and the Achilles tendon, both require treatment.

Achilles Bone Spur

The Tenex procedure allows for minimally invasive treatment of the Achilles tendon and small regions of loose bone or bone spurs. Small needle sized incisions are made under ultrasound guidance and the scar tissue and bone spurs are removed through ultrasound scar break up and suction. The area is protected for a very short period of time in a boot and return to activity is usually within 2-3 weeks.

If severe spur formation is noted and scar in the Achilles is noted, both are treated through an open incision technique. The open technique is used in order to allow proper clean up and visualization of the damaged Achilles and enlarged bone spurs. This type of procedure required very long periods of down time after surgery but with recent advancements in anchoring techniques adapted from rotator cuff surgery, our team of doctors can get you back on your feet within weeks. After spur removal and Achilles scar tissue removal, the soft tissue is anchored back in a very strong manner allowing early weight bearing and physical therapy.

Achilles Bone Spur Removal Surgery

Picture of Achilles bone spur removed
Achilles region after bone spur removal.
Note Achilles split ut not detached
Picture of repaired Achilles after bone spur was removed.
Reattached Achilles tendon after spur removal.
A very strong anchor system allows early
weight and rapid recovery