Minimally Invasive Achilles Surgery:

Topaz Treatment is a microscopic minimally invasive technique used to break up scar tissue and increase blood supply to a damaged region of tendon. A series of microscopic holes are made in the soft tissue along the region of Achilles trauma or scar formation. The Topaz probe is then introduced and a burst of radiofrequency energy is used to break up the scar in a strategic manner increasing blood supply to the Achilles tendon, breaking up scar tissue and relieving pain in the region. Often, a boot is used for 2-3 weeks and return to activity is rapid as compared to open surgery.

The doctors of UFAI's Achilles Institute are at the forefront of Topaz research and therapy. We were one of the first organizations to use the Topaz procedure and developed many of the minimally invasive techniques used around the world today.

Watch a Real Patient Get The Topez Treatment